Booking information

If you have taken a look at our services online or given us call to discuss your needs and you are now ready to make a booking, please follow the below steps to ensure a streamlined process.

To make a booking we require:

  • A referral with clear reason for requesting neuropsychological assessment. This can be from a GP, medical professional, allied health practitioner, NDIA, support coordinator or current service provider.
  • Completed online intake form, click on the link below to complete.

The assessment – What to expect

Once received, neuropsychologists will review your referral. If the referral is appropriate you will receive a phone call from NQNS – to discuss fees, suitable booking dates, and obtain any other required information.

Booking wait time is generally between 6 and 8 weeks. If your referral is considered urgent, we can add you to our cancellation list if requested. It is advisable to get booking requirements to us as soon as possible to avoid lengthy wait times.

A standard neuropsychological assessment is an incredibly detailed assessment of an individual’s thinking skills/cognition. It often includes assessment of intellectual ability, new learning, verbal and visual recall, perceptual ability, processing speed and executive skills (i.e., problem solving, judgement, planning, reasoning abilities etc.) Sometimes it is also necessary and relevant to include an assessment of personality/emotional wellbeing, as well as functional ability.

During a neuropsychological assessment, questions about personal history and current lifestyle is discussed, together with completing paper and pencil tests and various puzzles.

A Neuropsychological report is then prepared, this will take 2-3 weeks to finalise.

A feedback session to discuss the Neuropsychological Report is booked when the report is finalised. This session is held with the client (any caregivers/family members are also welcome) and is typically one hour.

*Please note that complex neuropsychological assessments may require additional time to complete testing, collect and review relevant documentation report, and feedback. You will be informed if your referral is classified as complex.

How to prepare for your booking

  1. The night before your assessment, try to have a good night sleep.
  2. Ensure you have a substantial meal before your assessment, as this will be a lengthy appointment.
  3. As this will be a lengthy assessment, it may cause fatigue. If fatigue is an issue, the neuropsychologist may break your assessment up over multiple sessions. This will be at the neuropsychologist’s discretion.
  4. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, you must wear or bring them along.
  5. If you are travelling distance to attend your booking, we recommend no travel immediately before assessment as fatigue will have an impact. We advise traveling the day before and booking accommodation to ensure you are well rested for your assessment.
  6. Breaks will be permitted if needed during the assessment, tea, coffee, filtered water and biscuits are provided. If you would like to bring your own drink or snacks along you are more than welcome to.
  7. Bring along any relevant documentation you would like to share with neuropsychologist.

Paying for services

Funded assessments:

If assessment is to be funded by an organisation. Funding approval is required before appointment proceeds. Ensure funding body details are provided well ahead of appointment date. Be sure to include case manager’s name and contact details, registration or claim numbers etc. If NDIS funded, a service agreement will be sent to you at time of booking confirmation.

Self-funded assessments:

  • A deposit of 2x hours of neuropsychologists time is required to secure your booking.  The deposit is payable within 1 week after we have contacted you regarding your referral and will be deducted from the assessment costs.   Full payment is required at least 1 week prior to assessment date. 

    *Note that reports will be released when payment is received in full, and any additional comments related to feedback session are finalised in report.  

    NQ Neuropsychology would like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and are committed to making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

    NQ Neuropsychology is committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the provision of health services. We welcome all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.